Top Tips

1.When you treat yourself to something sweet, do so at meal times.

Sugar turns to acid in your mouth, and it takes 45 minutes to get back to normal. Frequent snacking doesn’t let your mouth recover.

2. Chew sugar free gum

This makes saliva flow, protecting teeth and gums against destructive bacteria and acid

3. Remove plaque by brushing and flossing everyday, from every surface of the tooth. Everybody has plaque, which is harmful to teeth and gums.

4.┬áSpit, don’t rinse after brushing

this will leave a coating of toothpaste on your teeth,.Choose a fluoride toothpaste which will protect your teeth and gums from acid and toxic attack.

5. Drink water

Fruity drinks sound healthy but fruity and fizzy drinks all contain acid which dissolves your teeth and causes decay.