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A resolution you can keep…………

16 January

Each year many of us set resolutions with the best intention of sticking to them; yet come February we’ve already started to veer off-track, and by March our endeavors are completely forgotten.

Below are some simple oral health resolutions you can stick to, that will not only help to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but may also boost your confidence and improve your general well being.

For a New Year’s resolution to be proud of, take your pick from the list below: 
 •I will remember to clean between my teeth every day 
Whether you choose floss or an inter-dental brush, cleaning between your teeth can be easy, and helps to remove bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

•I will spit after brushing and not rinse with water 
Rinsing your mouth with water after brushing removes the fluoride coating left by toothpaste, which if left can protect your teeth for hours after you brush.

•I will only eat sugary snacks at meal times 
If you’re going to eat something sugary, do so after a main meal to reduce the amount of time damaging acids remain in your mouth throughout the day.

•I will swap fizzy drinks with water 
Acids found in fizzy drinks can soften your tooth enamel, which, once lost will not regenerate. Replace them with water which helps to remove particles of food left in your mouth and keeps your hydrated. 
 •I will make regular visits to see my dental team

If you can’t remember the last time you saw your dental team, chances are it’s time to visit them again! Regular visits will help to stop problems before they start. Ring City Dental Liverpool today